Content Marketing has potentially geared up in providing every latest service that you need to run and glorify your business. However, you will need a diversified Digital Marketing strategy to make your solutions reach the right audience. And that can be achieved through an eminent content distribution technique. Luckily, we are also blessed with countless social and content marketing channels that simplifies our purpose of getting more traffic.

So what are the few content marketing distribution channels that we have?

YouTube boasts of around 1 million unique visitors every month. Businesses are mostly using it as a parallel channel to enhance their online branding and marketing efforts. Moreover, videos are a great way of persuading prospects, impressing users, and skyrocketing your business to the next level.


It has more than 102 million blogs, around 44.6 billion posts and amassing 29.2 million unique visitors with 6.6 billion page views. Symbolized as one of the efficient content marketing channels, Tumblr is a great weapon for visual storytelling and parallel content.

Guest Blogging:

Guest Bloggers help spread your content in their groups, provided it is shareable. This further enhances your website with increased exposure, more eyeballs, improved credibility, and increased traffic.


As per the reports, mobile apps share around 25% of all the internet traffic, and the number is increasing rapidly. Therefore, a prominent content channel strategy demands a well optimized mobile website to assure you get higher engagement.

Email Campaigns:

Email Campaigns are effective when you are looking to increase one-way targeted engagement with your users. You can embed other content forms like blog lists, ebooks, video content, and reports with email marketing.

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Why Choose Us For Leveraging Content Marketing Channels?

Oodles Marketing is an eminent Digital Marketing agency that offers excellent Content Marketing Services. We are here with an objective to become one of the leading SEO and Content Marketing Experts in the digital space. Other than that, we have a skilled team of digital marketers who possess immense marketing experience to pull off any project pertaining to our niche.

If you have any queries or wish to receive more information regarding our services, kindly reach out to us. We will be glad to serve you!

Author: Jatin Dabas

Jatin is an proficient Digital Marketing Professional. His Internet marketing prowess includes SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC etc.

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